What to Expect from Therapeutic Massage


Our professional massage and bodywork practitioner is trained to work with you toward the goal of relief from stress and pain.


Before your session begins, you will be asked some general health questions. We will then determine your goals for the massage: is it to relax, or do you have an ache or pain that you would like for us to concentrate on? Please also let us know if you are under a doctor’s care or taking specific medications. We will then evaluate your situation and select the massage techniques that best suit your needs.


The amount of clothing kept on for your massage depends upon your personal comfort level. At a minimum, shirts and pants will need to be removed. Your practitioner will leave the room while you disrobe and relax onto the massage table.


You will be properly draped at all times with clean sheets to keep warm and comfortable, and only the area of your body being worked on will be exposed. The room will have an atmosphere of complete relaxation with soft music and aromatherapy.


The average full-body massage/bodywork session lasts approximately one hour. A half-hour session allows time for a partial massage, such as neck and shoulders, or legs and feet. Many people prefer and hour for optimal benefits and relaxation.


A Few Advantages of Massage for Health and Wellness


• Deep relaxation and stress reduction
• Relief of muscle tension and stiffness
• Improved blood circulation
• Healthier skin via improved circulation
• Relief of tension-related headaches
• Improved posture
• Faster healing time from pulled muscles and sprained ligaments. Reduced spasms, pain, swelling and formation of scar tissue.


• Reduced mental stress; a calmer mind
• Increased capacity for clearer thinking and decision making


• Promotes feeling of well-being
• Reduced levels of anxiety
• Awareness of the mind-body connection